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Who We Are

Istoria Ministry Group exists to help other Christians seek the "more" that God has for them

How We Do It

IMG's main focus is delivering our Transcend course during powerful weekend retreats on a private farm in GA, but we also offer Bible Studies and Worship Events right here in Orlando, Mission Trips across the globe and online courses through our website, all of which are aimed at taking Christians well beyond a "luke-warm" faith!

Helping others find their place in God's redemptive story


Advantages of Our Transcend Course:

  • Simple to participate, whether you know very little about the Bible or you are well versed but struggling to live out your faith in this world

  • Short-term approach of 5+/- sessions makes it quick to achieve

  • Solution focused means we will acknowledge the past, but spend 90% of our time discussing a better way forward

  • Biblical-based means that in a world which screams “do what makes you happy, no matter the cost”, we will offer perspective that allows each person to see beyond themselves and set their course towards something far greater

  • Each client will receive personalized resources to take with them afterwards and use as reference moving forward

  • New options, solutions and potential outcomes by comparison to other programs

  • Adaptations are made for the ability to effectively minister to specific groups (i.e. marriage and family, young adult, teens, veterans, divorce and blended families, men, etc.)

  • Transcend Program is designed to be supportive to the efforts of the local church and professional mental health offerings

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