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Transcend - A New Way Forward

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Do you really believe what you say you believe? If so, it should change everything about your responses to life. Or, are you like so many others who are struggling to consistently live out their Christian faith in today's world? The message of the Bible is one of joy and peace despite circumstance but actually holding on to this position of heart and mind is proving more difficult than ever. The Transcend program by Istoria Ministry Group is an attempt to close these gaps in order to find true joy which goes beyond momentary happiness and a lasting peace which gives rest to the soul. The formula is simple but not easy, and it requires us to explore our own unique stories while illuminating God's greater story within each of them. The Transcend program will guide you through several exercises intended to help you experience more of God while having authentic interactions with Him along the way. The goal is to develop a faith which goes beyond surface-level and inspires everyone around vou. The prayer is that God will change generations to come, through what He does next in your story.

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