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Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Wasman, Spiritual Care Ambassador

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Volunteers play an incredibly vital role in delivering care to our patients. One unique volunteer role is that of Spiritual Care Ambassadors who share the Word of God, pray with patients, and model the love of Christ.

Chris Wasman has been volunteering as a Spiritual Care Ambassador since May 2020. Chris first learned about Grace when his daughter toured as part of the Elevation Scholars program. Then, at the program’s award celebration, Chris met Pastor Mike Aitcheson, a Grace Board member, and learned more.

“I was in the master’s program at Liberty and I was finding it difficult to find a faith-based/counseling opportunity,” said Chris. I had researched chaplain programs and my daughter reminded me about Grace, so I submitted my resume for an internship in Spiritual Care. That same day, Pastor Omar said a prayer that God send him the right people.” They connected quickly and Chris began interning.

“I went home after the first night of serving here and cried at the dinner table when I was telling my family about Grace,” Chris remembered. Some of his memorable patient encounters include “one patient who came here for care on the physical side, until we met and talked about her faith. Her outlook and her heart started to change – she lit up and the pressure came off of her challenge. I have called people on the phone to pray for them. The father of a child with a terminal illness gave me hope even in the midst of his trial.”

“I loved it so much that when my internship finished, I kept showing up to volunteer,” Chris said. “I can’t stop showing up. Nothing about this place is ‘normal.’ I experience a God moment every time I’m here. God ordains and orchestrates these moments that are incredibly powerful for the people who come through here.”

Chris concluded by saying, “I am overwhelmed by this place every day I have been here. People’s lives are being changed here. They are showing up broken and leave changed; they leave with hope. I am humbled that God would pick us to do this gig.”

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